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Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons ‘I Found You’

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons Return With ‘I Found You’ - their new single is released on Crosstown Rebels

’I Found You’ Released:

17th March - Streaming Sites / 14th April - Beatport / 28th April - Release Date

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons return to Crosstown Rebels with the iconic I Found You, remixed by Black Coffee and former resident of Trouw Patrice Bäumel. 



Deep dark and sexy house written all over it. Soul with its funky chords on this release, the production team have produced some quality work on this one.

John Monkman ​- EPOCH

John Monkman ​- EPOCH Released 17th February 2017

UK talent John Monkman is the next to make his mark on Crosstown Rebel sub-label Rebellion, with the rapturous two tracker ​ EPOCH​ .

"EPOCH began its journey after a recent show in Goa, India. I wanted the track to almost tare itself apart, forever pushing forward carving out new sonic landscapes. XAILO is comprised of layer upon layer of syncopated xylophone, bells and string section held together with a haunting Icelandic vocal​ I recorded in London." - ​John Monkman

Serge Devant ­ This Moment

The magic of music is how it can enchant you after just moments of listening. As the Summer draws to an end Serge Devant returns once more to Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels with a release that does just that. Creating two original tracks and bringing Dinky and NU onboard for remixes, we are reminded of his prominent position within dance music.  

Soul Clap Release Their Second Album ‘Soul Clap’
Released 14th October 2016 on !K7 Records / Crew Love

Soul Clap’s second and self-titled album comes full circle for the Boston bred duo, carving a trajectory of their collective experience and forging an authentic testament to their true selves.

Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

“When You Feel What Love Has” is the brand new 2016 song and dance production from D-Train and House music legend DJ Lenny Fontana.

Joeski - ​Tribute EP

Joeski - ​Tribute EP

The EP journeys through three tracks, where ethereal layers are used to infiltrate the dancefloor and varying tribal percussions, native chants and vocal haunts flow effortlessly throughout. From Yoruba religion, Obatalá is an Orisha, Sky Father and creator of human bodies. ​Joeski explains ​ ​"I’ve been wanting to do this tribute for a while now. It’s a creative musical offering to Obatalá. I feel like Crosstown is the perfect home for it too."