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A Jazzy guitar and a catchy vocal hook will make this obscure sounding track a hot piece for your set. Reza is a veteran producer with Karmic Power and he keeps delivering over and over with hot tunes.

Mark Barrott – Music For Presence EP

Mark Barrott – ​Music For Presence ​ EP

Released 3rd March 2017 on International Feel

After a number of years invigorating the Balearic music scene from his Ibiza base through both his International Feel label and weekly sunset residency at La Torre, Barrott adjusts his focus for 2017 and brings a wider context to the sound, embodying elements of world music and a more poignant mood.

CFCF ‘On Vacation’

International Feel Mini­-album Concept Continues CFCF ‘On Vacation’

Michael Silver is CFCF, a man with a gift for a melody. He continually delivers timeless music as aptly illustrated in his debut release for International Feel, ‘On Vacation’.

Nominated in the 2016 Grammy awards as described in his New York Times profile piece, CFCF is a Montreal native who has been making music since he was 12 years old. Pitchfork have previously described his work as “a strong case for how much unexpected magic can be found in the ordinary and another excellent chapter in CFCF's story.”

Mark Barrott – ​Remixes From An Island

Mark Barrott – ​Remixes From An Island
Featuring CFCF, Luis Delgado, Dominique Dumont & Nu Guinea
Released 7th October on International Feel

Earlier this summer Mark Barrott released his second album on his infamous label International Feel. ‘​ Sketches​
​ From An Island 2’ continued in its quest to sketch a fresh and modern foundation for Balearic music and now is followed by interpretations from artists who are equally as bold. Barrott’s music once again spoke to a diverse set of ​aficionados such as ​Pitchfork who stressed it was “an​ example of a sequel surpassing​ the original” and was even supported by the prestigious ​Financial Times​.

Psychemagik - Ritual Chants​

Psychemagik - Ritual Chants
Released 18th November 2016 on Eskimo Recordings

‘​Ritual Chants’​   is a ​stellar earthbound and outer space odyssey spanning 3 discs, respectfully embellishing ​Psychemagik’s taste and passion for the wonderful, the sublime and very often​ unusual.

Wolf Müller & Cass.​ arrived with their mini­album ​‘The Sound Of Glades’ on International Feel in June 2016, a beautiful record comprising of natural percussion and long languid journeys for laying in fields and staring at skies. Following the route that both Len Leise and CFCF took on the label, International Feel asked both Jan (Wolf) & Cass. to remix one of the tracks and also choose a remixer for a third rework.

Mark Barrott  Sketches From An Island 2

The first 'Sketches From An Island’ album garnered support from a diverse set of trailblazers. From Gilles Peterson to Trevor Jackson, Boiler Room to Pitchfork, Mark Barrott has become an unlikely hero for Balearic music after only a few short years living in Ibiza.