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Kidnap Kid - Brokenhearted​ Released 28th September 2016 on Birds That Fly

Kidnap Kid - Brokenhearted​
Released 28th September 2016 on Birds That Fly

Brokenhearted: Overwhelmed by grief or disappointment.

When words fail, music has the ability to depict the deepest of human emotions and once again Kidnap​ Kid uses​ his signature emotive and sophisticated production to do just that. He returns to Birds That Fly, the label he founded less than a year ago with '​ ​Brokenhearted' an EP containing two original tracks.

“Brokenhearted is a reaction to the immense sadness in the world. My way of processing endless tragedy and distant despair. Mist, on the other hand, is a more hopeful response; a faraway light at the end of the tunnel” ​ Kidnap Kid

Soul Clap ft Nona Hendryx - Shine This Is It

‘Shine (This Is It)’ is the debut single from Soul Clap’s second self­titled album, a project that’s been four years in the making. The single features legendary vocalist Nona Hendryx and was recorded at George Clinton’s What? Studios in Tallahassee, to be released on !K7 / Crew Love on 19th August alongside remixes from Dimitri From Paris. 

Soul Clap Release Their Second Album ‘Soul Clap’
Released 14th October 2016 on !K7 Records / Crew Love

Soul Clap’s second and self-titled album comes full circle for the Boston bred duo, carving a trajectory of their collective experience and forging an authentic testament to their true selves.

Last Waltz - Tunnel Snakes with Red Axes & Naduve Remix

Last Waltz

The first release on Man Power’s Me Me Me saw FACT mag travel to Mexico to get inside the head of the Geordieman in Mexico. Next up for the label is a comeback record from Last Waltz, the trio with which Man Power first ever released, featuring three new, original tracks, and a remix from the first ever recorded collaboration of Tel Aviv’s Red Axes (I’m A Cliche) & Naduve (Disco Halal).

Eskimo Recordings presents The Yellow Collection

Eskimo Recordings is back for its annual inspection of what propels the Belgian imprint’s throttle, exploring the boundaries of their house, disco and pop infusions in ‘The Yellow Collection’.

Paul McCartney & Wings VS Timo Maas & James Teej - Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

The music industry has gone into a spin about ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’ over the past two weeks. Limited 12” test pressings sold out in hours, it went straight to number one in the record shops stocking them and sent ebay into overdrive ever since. Even i­D magazine has questioned who is behind this special project.